Richard  Cabrera

Richard Cabrera

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First Name * Richard
Last Name * Cabrera
Username * richcz3
Country * USA
City Los Angeles
Nationality Hispanic
Languages EnglishSpanish



Availability: Freelance


(Update) January 2008


Currently on a "working sabbatical".
I'm developing personal properties as well as looking to invest in original productions and/or collaborations this year while taking on occasional projects for CBS.

I have worked in and I'm working to develop more experience graphics, shorts, and movies for mobile based delivery and web based productions.


CBS Digital - Los Angles


I am primarily Modeler/Animation in Lightwave 3D and consider myself a solid/well rounded software generalist. Although my work is primarily in 3D, I am equally comfortable in image editing and graphics and video composition and editing. Combining all this sometimes allows using less conventional means or combination of apps get the job done. I am always on the lookout for new or unique programs/utilities to add to my tool set.

Other applications I use are Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, and Dreamwever.


I was a freehand artist (not the program as in pen/pencil) I Experimented with Acrylics and Oils but stayed with pen and ink for the most part. In 1989 my first forays into Computer graphics was with the Amiga 500 with a 1 Meg "brick" of Ram. 1990 I was on the PC and the first app I used was Corel Photo Paint. Then after some format issues I moved to Adobe Photoshop. Sometime after that a friend advised me about a production 3D program that was being used on Babylon 5. A program that I could actually afford. I was 30 years when I bought Lightwave 3D Version 4 Beta for the PC. I've been hooked on 3D graphics and animation ever since.

Fast forward 1999 I set out on my own making productions for business and small independent producers. Recently finished work on a Hertz and Acela commercials for Barbedwire FX in Santa Monica.